Edgise envisions a world where green intelligent systems can bring value to earth, space, and beyond. They accelerate the transition to this new world by delivering projects, services, and products that support extreme edge computing needs for space and earth. The Edgise team strives for perfect co-optimization between hardware and software components. Data generated in the space industry is growing at a rapid pace. Artificial intelligence is finding its way to space, resulting in more intelligent and autonomous space systems. However, space industry systems are not designed to process current state-of-the-art AI algorithms because of their resource constraints in size, weight, power consumption, and limited processing capabilities. This is where Edgise comes in. They help build systems for the upstream and downstream space industry to make decisions locally with artificial intelligence running on the edge. Edgise is currently active in the satcom, earth observation, and launcher business, designing energy-efficient, low power, high-performance real-time edge AI systems.

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