Intelligence is moving towards edge devices.
Rapidly increasing amounts of data waiting to be processed are driving network capabilities to the impossible. Processing them on the edge offers a solution by only sending essential results, without the need to transfer all of the raw data.

Depending on the project, Edgise uses different approaches to build flexible hardware without locking into a specific vendor. In the prototyping phase, using off-the-shelf components gives us the momentum to quickly setup and validate a working prototype. If off-the-shelf components are not an option, we use reconfigurable hardware (FPGA’s) to accelerate AI in hardware, creating a perfect mix between power, performance and time to market. This also creates a working chip prototype which later in the product life cycle might be converted to mass production of your own AI chip. We provide embedded, FPGA, ASIC consultancy as well as product development of a specific customer use case.

Edgise uses the Agile Development methodology to iterate in projects. Using a sprint-based approach we are able to divide the problem into several subproblems, each having their own specifications and deadlines. After each sprint we organize a feedback moment with the client to see how progress is going and how we should proceed. This allows us to pivot during a project when needed.

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are marked in almost every company's digital transformation roadmap. As the potential value and impact of these new technologies continue to evolve, we provide advanced implementations with open source technologies. We facilitate the entire process from idea to product, in which the solution can be extended to large-scale AI / ML / DL production implementations.

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