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Cronos Leuven focuses on bringing Technology, Business and Creativity together in order to come to the most creative & technological best solution for our customers.

Cronos Leuven is part of the Cronos Group

Our express purpose is helping people grow, if desired, till entrepreneurship itself. Since the start of the group in 1991 as a one-man company, it has been involved in the launch of more than 600 companies and 7000 employees.

Our collaborations

We love ecosystems and are proud to have close collaborations with following partners:

History of Cronos Leuven

A short timeline overview of the Cronos Leuven History

Start of the Cronos Groep


The Cronos Groep has been founded

The plan for Cronos Leuven sees the light

July 2016

Wim Tobback and Stefan Croimans started making up the plan for Cronos Leuven

Cronos Leuven NV has been founded

October 2016

October is a first great milestone as Cronos Leuven NV. has been founded.
The focus is on 4 pillars: Customer, Students, Network & location.

Network and memberships

October-December 2016

  • active engagement in the Leuven/Vlaams-Brabant network community
  • starting memberships of Leuven Mindgate, Voka Vlaams-Brabant
  • collaboration with student organisations.
  • connecting with the high-school and university
  • close interaction with the city, province and their eco-systems

First customer projects onboarded

January 2017

The first customer contracts are signed and kicking off.

Refurbishment of our floor level 2

March 2017

As Cronos Leuven started growing, ecosystem companies joining and new talent expansion it was the highest time to upgrade our floor space.

Welcome to our office Manager Annelies

March 2017

A pleasure to have Annelies Kloet on board as our Office Manager, making sure everybody is happy!

December 2017 - opening of our 2nd floor (level 1) - Expansion is real

December 2017

As we were expanding rapidly we needed extra floor-space. Throughout the year we have been working hard to make this floor fancy, innovative and ready to use.

What a 'Lovebrand' year!

End 2017

We grew exponentially:
  • + 1m€ revenue
  • + 75 colleagues
  • a lot of active students @ our spaces
  • active member/contributor in the Leuven Region Community
  •  .....

Openba(a)r comes to life

July 2018

Kickoff of the 1st Openba(a)r sessions, 2 companies presenting a certain topic open to everyone with lot's of pizza's and drinks....

Expanding Sales

October 2018

We are happy to expand our sales capacity en welcome Astrid Taminau on board.

Openba(a)r exists 1 year

July 2019

  • 12 months
  • +20 sessions and speakers
  • +250 pizza's
  • +500 drinks
  • +300 attendees
  • .....

what a growth

End 2019

  • +15 companies
  • + 175 colleagues
  • many new colleagues
  • many new customers
  • continuous growth

Yes we know what happened

March 2020

Our dear friend Covid-19 arrived....
Homework, no more live events, .....
But we keep on rollin' and supporting our customers.

Cronos Leuven NV

Gaston Geenslaan 11 B4
3000 Leuven

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