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The Cyclobility Bike Ride App is crafted as a native application using the React Native framework. Designed with a focus on facilitating employees utilizing Cyclobility's purchased or leased bikes for their daily commute, the app seamlessly integrates with the Cyclobility Drupal application's API. This integration empowers users by providing them with a centralized platform to communicate crucial information to the leasing company.

The app offers several advantages. Users can effortlessly log their daily bicycle distances, providing the employer with a monthly usage overview for efficient expense management. Furthermore, users can report bike damage or theft conveniently via an integrated contact form. This information is automatically forwarded to Cyclobility for prompt action.

Additionally, the app facilitates scheduling maintenance appointments automatically and offers quick access for roadside assistance in case of breakdowns.


The Track

Codana guided them through every stage of application development. During the preliminary phase, they conducted an extensive analysis to outline a clear project strategy, both functionally and technically. In collaboration with Cyclobility, they crafted customer journeys and established an overarching look and feel through our design and UX exercises. Opting for React Native for development, the team ensured efficiency and speed by building the application from a single codebase, allowing seamless delivery across multiple platforms. This approach guarantees continuity and streamlines the development cycle for both applications.

Lastly, they assisted with the publication of the applications on both app stores, ensuring adherence to Android and Apple standards for a smooth launch process

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