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Doccle, Belgium's largest digital administration platform, launches a brand-new chatbot on its website. The bot is available 24/7 and provides answers to frequently asked questions from users. The chatbot was developed by Oswald, and is the first step of Doccle towards the integration of AI. "In time we want to ensure that Doccle can manage everyone's administration fully automatically."

The Doccle chatbot, also known as Doccy, is available on their website. The chatbot can help people who are considering joining Doccle and always has an answer to frequently asked questions from users. This could include questions such as "How do I create an account" or "How do I add a company"? The bot can also help users who have forgotten their password.

The chatbot is more efficient than a traditional webpage with frequently asked questions and corresponding answers, because the bot engages in a conversation with users and is able to interpret their questions. The chatbot uses fixed scenarios based on conversations with real people. The chatbot can also automatically add companies like Telenet, De Watergroep or KBC to the account of Doccle users.

Doccle already has a live chat feature today. With the chatbot, the platform wants to ensure that users can contact Doccle with their questions at any time.

The power of a digital administration lies in its 24/7 availability. With this chatbot we guarantee that our users always get a quick answer to their question, even outside office hours. The ultimate goal is that Doccle will eventually be able to manage everyone's administration fully automatically. That is why we continue to invest in innovation and AI, with this chatbot as the first step.
Bram Lerouge (CEO), Doccle
The Doccle chatbot was developed by our venture Oswald. We see great potential in this chatbot. With more than 1.3 million users, we can test and further expand the integration of AI in administration management via Doccle. It is also positive to see that Doccle is actively looking for creative and innovative ways to save time for their users.

If you want to try the chatbot of Doccle yourself, you can do so via the following link:

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