Brainjar is your partner for end-to-end machine learning applications and AI consulting. Our all-round team works on more than machine learning algorithms, including user interface (UI) design, systems integration, and client communication. We see this holistic approach as crucial for any project.

Using a data-driven approach, we put digital brains into your business processes and work towards a true AI business model. After an initial prototyping phase we integrate our AI models in a production-ready application and scalable deploy this in the cloud.

Creating actual business value is key, that's why we match state-of-the-art technology with production-grade standards and reliability. We create full-scale applications to integrate into the customer's system. We provide clear documentation and easy access to your newly optimized and structured data, securing knowledge transfer, and maintainability.

Our key focus when working on a true AI business model, are humans. We are in favor of a principle called "Human in the Loop". Based on our extensive experience with machine learning projects, we developed a tried-and-tested approach that brings out the best in both machine and human intelligence. The light-speed efficiency of our solutions, combined with the domain knowledge of your employees, creates a system that’s fast, reliable and continuously learning.

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