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Connecting with a social secretariat is one of the criteria to start a business. They take care of the social insurances that need to be paid for example. Most companies hire an accountant to do this for them. During the last 2 years, Acerta, a well-known Belgian HR service provider, has been busy with digitizing their services directed to accountants. Before this project, accountants needed to fill in forms manually, send them to Acerta consultants, who needed to edit them also manually. No need to say that this was a time-consuming and not always flawless process.


At the request for them, Craftworkz developed a web application targeted to accountants where they can easily connect a new company or a company director with the HR services of Acerta. The new application covers these drawbacks and facilitates the 'connection process' by providing a straightforward and user-friendly workflow for the accountants. At the end of the flow, a pdf with a summary of all data is generated.


Digitizing the flow, means that the accountant can also sign the pdf digitally and that he can upload the signed pdf to the central Acerta mailbox. The Acerta consultant has because of this all the info he needs to connect the company or company director directly with the Acerta services.

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