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Due to the increasing competition and the rapidly evolving digital landscape, Q8 was looking for a modern and user-friendly solution for their various Benelux brands with the main goal: convert online traffic to offline sales through targeted and personal communication.


With our experience in large digital projects we advised the Q8 team to start with a clear digital strategy based on facts: user research and data analysis for the different brands. Q8, Tango and IDS.


Step 1: User research and data analysis
At first we wanted to get a good understanding of the current situation, in order to map the strong and less strong points of the websites. Through a situation analysis, a competition analysis and a top task survey of the different websites, we looked for the strengths and weaknesses, defined the most important target groups and formulated clear action points. In all these steps, we always started from the convenience for the user. The basis of our entire digital strategy was contextualization and personalization of content and communication through segmentation.

This digital strategy is the starting point for the development of the new website(s), the creation of the wireframes and prototype, and - at a later stage - the setting up and maintenance of the digital marketing.

Step 2: UX design
In the next phase we made the digital strategy tangible. We translated the concepts from the research phase into wireframes and illustrated the various customer journeys via clickable prototypes. With a mobile first approach we optimized the user experience of their most important target group, i.e. people on the road by car. We simplified the structure and navigation with a clear focus on the top tasks. For example, you can easily and quickly check Q8's website anytime, anywhere to see where you can find the nearest petrol station.

Step 3: Webdesign
In the design phase, the challenge was to give the different websites, which all start from the same CMS functionalities, a unique and relevant look and feel that clearly matches the different brand guides. We designed the different homepages and main subpages as well as a clear overview of all the style tiles needed to build the websites, and refreshed the newsletters.

Step 4: Development
We chose to build this project in open source with Drupal 8 CMS as the main building block combined with our marketing platform. Thanks to this innovative technology a real content marketing machine is realized, which achieves higher conversions thanks to visitor profiling and personalization.

Six websites were developed at the same time. The new configuration management tools allow us to focus on development, without having to worry too much about keeping all 6 sites synchronous and perfectly up to date.

We take full advantage of the new caching back-end, which - in collaboration with Varnish and Cloudflare - makes the websites perform really well, without sacrificing personalization or dynamic renewal of page content.

Step 5: Marketing & support
After Go Live the real work begins. Tracking, analyzing and optimizing become the key words. Through Agile Marketing, we support the Q8 team with the digital translation of the various marketing plans.

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